Saturday, 8 February 2014
Apart from opening a tin of Heinz Classic Tomato and sticking it in a microwave, I think this tomato soup is not only the easiest, but the tastiest one going. It’s a recipe from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, but I like to cook it longer to let the flavours really intensify. 

Grab a selection of tomatoes - I like lots of sweet cherry tomatoes, a few plum varieties and some fat vine-ripened ones. The beauty of this soup is that you can add whatever you like and you literally just throw it in a large tray with a glug of olive oil and lots of salt and pepper. I usually follow the recipe and use a couple of small red onions and lots of garlic. Roast in the oven at around 190C for as long as you like (at least 20 minutes), until the tomatoes start to burst and your home smells heavenly (thanks to the garlic for that one!). 

Then, simply transfer to a blender, or use a hand blender if you have one, squeeze the garlic cloves out of their skins, throw in a handful of basil, whizz up as smooth as you like and transfer into a pot on the hob to keep warm until serving. We usually eat ours with cheese on toasts or a hunk of crusty baguette. You could even squeeze a few of those molten roasted garlic cloves onto your bread. Trust me, it’s awesome. 

The best part is you can easily switch up the ingredients for a different flavour - add chilli for a bit of heat, switch out the basil for coriander and you have yourself a Mexican version or throw in a few bell peppers for extra sweetness. 

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  1. In the light of the present chill, this looks like the perfect remedy x