Friday, 7 February 2014
I bought my boyfriend a scratch-off map* for Christmas and it's been an awesome present that we both love. Currently hanging behind our kitchen table, it fills us with wanderlust every time we sit down for dinner. I travelled a lot as a child, moving every couple of years with my parents, and despite having family in South East Asia and Canada, by the time I was 16 I just wasn't that keen on heading outside of Europe. But D's excitement for discovering new countries has inspired a new passion for travel in me, made all the more intense by sharing the experience with the person I love. In a couple of weeks I'm heading to Kuala Lumpur and Cambodia to visit family and in October, we're planning a trip to Vietnam!

Here's a few travel-inspired links I loved this week:
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*the map works like a giant scratch card, where you scratch off the countries you've been to. As a couple we are quite well-travelled, but after scratching off the places we've been, it's completely apparent that there's still over 90% of the world to see!

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  1. such a cute idea a scratch map.. i wonder if they make a scratch and sniff map.. lol :) that would be kinda funny.