#1DAY12PICS: kuala lumpur

Thursday, 20 March 2014
Michelle announced a fun new photography project this this month called #1DAY12PICS and I was so excited to take part, as I've signed up for her previous challenges but this one seemed a lot more doable for me. It fell on March 13th, which was perfect as I was still away on holiday, making for some more (hopefully) exciting pics than your average Thursday in the office. I loved how everyone interpreted the challenge differently on instagram, like Anna who posted her day in black and white, and I'm already thinking up a theme I could do for the next one in April.

10:30 – sleeping in is definitely a holiday luxury I got used to last week. First thing after waking, I grabbed a glass of water and went straight out the back to see Imbi, the new puppy. My grandma and mum found her running wild at the Imbi market carpark and brought her home. It took two baths to reveal the beautiful sandy colour of her coat. She’s used to sleeping under cars, so her regular napping spot is underneath the washing machine!

11:25 – an early lunch at my favourite noodle house, ChanMeng Kee. I requested lunch here nearly every day and by the end of the week my grandma suggested we just leave me there. 

12:50 – dropping my grandma home before heading out for a couple of errands. I've always loved this yellow wall by the drive.

13:20 – checking out Sasana Kijang, the museum of the national Bank Negara, where my mum will be having an exhibition in October. It's a government building, meaning you have to cover your shoulders (Malaysia is a Muslim country). I forgot and had to wait in the car!

14:10 – a quick stop at Central Market to check out souvenirs. I didn't buy anything, but it's always a fun place to wander around (and there's air conditioning). 

15:00 – it's such a pleasure to come home to a yellow house!

15:05 – a coconut bun is one of my favourites; sometimes breakfast and lunch get a bit muddle up around here!

15:30 – helping to prep these crazy long beans for tonight's dinner.

16:00 – time to relax a bit and read a book. I picked up a Norwegian murder mystery called 1220 at Siem Reap airport. The cover said it was a 'Scandi phenomenon' but I can't find the link on Amazon..

19:30 – I took this picture of the palm trees in the garden after dinner. It looks like sunset, but the flare is actually the neighbour's security lamp.

20:00 – sweet Imbi trying to sneak into the house.

21:00 – giving thanks for dinner in the pantry shrine.

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  1. Ah great seeing a whole other part of the world. Thanks for taking part and look forward to seeing what you get up to next.