Monday, 31 March 2014

When I was in Cambodia last month, I wanted to buy a couple of souvenirs that would remind me of my trip. I just spent the end of last year decluttering our house and getting rid of clothes I never wear, dishes that we'd cobbled together that we didn't use or particularly want and useless trinkets that have somehow made their way onto shelves, bedside tables and the tops of chests of drawers. When I used to go on holiday and ask my parents what they would like me to bring back for them, they always said nothing. Now I know why! I'm sick of dusting around bits and bobs that don't go with the look of our flat and now, whenever I go away, I try and visualise anything that I'm going to buy back at home. I'm a natural marketplace magpie and I have such a soft spot for cute little whatsits; when I was in Marrakech it was so difficult not to buy everything in sight, but all I came back with was a pretty fruit bowl which has pride of place on my kitchen windowsill and gets filled up every weekend with our weekly fruit and veg.

There were so many handicrafts and beautiful things to buy in Cambodia, but when I saw a huge pile of handwoven rugs, I knew that they would be perfect. The only problem was choosing the colours! In hindsight, I should have gone for a couple of dark ones we could use as picnic rugs, but I love the way these were the first to catch my eye and they go perfectly together (even though I have promised one to my mum - drat!). I'm not suggesting you shouldn't buy mantelpiece trinkets if that's what you like, but I think it's always useful to have an idea of where you'll put souvenirs when you get home; if you haven't got space to display them, they're probably best left as a photo on your camera! What are your favourite holiday treasures?


  1. I love these. I really try and put some effort into getting locally and well made products when I go on holiday for gifts for people rather than the 'made in china' trinkets. Want to send me one of those blankets.

  2. I love this idea of buying memorable souvenirs. We usually always buy a magnet at the airport. I definitely want to be better at getting something good that represents that place and a memory! You inspired me ;)
    xo TJ

    1. I'd love to have a fridge full of magnets of all the places we've been - good excuse to go back and visit them all again!

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