Friday, 7 March 2014

Hi friends! I'm in Kuala Lumpur right now visiting my grandparents. I tested out the Blogger app before I left, but you can't do much with it so that scuppered any plans to blog. Not that I had anything big lined up, but I was hoping to share a few pictures, seeing as I planned a very relaxed daily itinerary of dim sum breakfasting, lunch at my favourite noodle house and a few afternoon laps at the gold club swimming pool. If you'd like to see some holiday snaps, you can follow me on instagram, though!

Also, if you'd like to follow me on bloglovin' you can see all my posts there in one place.


  1. JEALOUS!! Have I mentioned that before?

  2. Hi Catherine, recently discovered your blog, love what you're doing so far! Great layout too. I also love the fact you have the Anthro Deer Vase- we have one too and i'm about to start a series of 'home comforts' posts and my deer vase is going to be my first subject! I also wondered if you'd mind me linking up to your blog to also start the 'cookbook challenge'? I've been meaning to do similar for a while and you've given me the oomf to do it! Have a great time in Kuala Lumpur,


    1. Yes of course! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. If you're on twitter you can also #cookbookchallenge. Looking forward to reading your blog when I get back xx

    2. Great, thank you!