Friday, 21 March 2014
I caught a nasty stomach flu that's going round the office this week, which seems totally unfair as I already had a bout of something similar in Cambodia just over a week ago. I was relieved to hear a few other colleagues had it too, though, which means it wasn't a serious tropical disease or something!

I brought this pretty flowering tea back with me from Malaysia for my colleagues. It opens really gradually and I prodded the first one a few times to make it blossom faster, which just resulted in a leafy mess. What a pertinent reminder to slow down and allow things to develop at their own pace, which is what I will be doing this weekend. Have a good one!


  1. Eeep. I hope the tea isn't making you sick? If you had it and got sick, and now it's going round the office? Just a thought. I do love those flowering teas though :)

    1. OH GOD! Can you imagine! The girls who got sick didn't have the tea, so I'm safe on that front. Phew.