Friday, 4 April 2014

Did you see the news this week that experts are now suggesting 7 portions of fruit and veg can prolong your lifespan. Uh, no kidding, right? But when most adults are not eating the recommended 5 daily portions, it would be unreasonable and irresponsible for the government to make 7 portions the official daily guideline. I’m such a big advocate that you get back what you put in (in all parts of life), but food is such a game changer – from boosting your mood and energy levels to improving your skin and hair, a little patience will reward you in a few weeks’ time. I like to think I eat a healthy diet and I regularly exceed my recommended dose of the good stuff, but this weekend I’ve set myself a little challenge to go that extra mile and I’ll be posting about it next week, so stay tuned! {image}

Here’s a couple healthy posts from around the web this week:
The brownies I’ll be making this weekend, if I can just get my hands on some raw cacao #middleclassproblems
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A deliciously fresh-looking green dip 
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  1. I believe you can get cacao at wholefoods or health food shops but the good properties that exist will be destroyed in cooking anyway (or that is what I have read). Cacao I think is best for raw foods like smoothies. xx

    1. Thanks Michelle, that's really good to know! Hope you had a wonderful birthday