Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Last month when I was hanging my new Jeremy Miranda print, my boyfriend and I discovered a little problem. Normally I just eyeball the wall, whack a nail in and Bob's your uncle, but after D witnessed one such occasion where I had to prise out the nail and reposition it three times, he insisted on taking over and that's when we discovered a problem. How high are you meant to hang your pictures? Any gallery experts out there? I feel like small paintings with lots of detail deserve a captive audience who can get up close and personal, but this poses a problem when one of those viewers is 5'1 and the other is 5'11. I found this interesting discussion on the topic, but I'd love to hear more opinions!

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  1. I always hang my pictures way too low as I'm so short. Even if I've made a concerted effort to hang them at what I think is 'average eye level' height! x