#1DAY12PICS: may

Monday, 5 May 2014
It's a bank holiday this weekend which means things got a little lazy on Saturday, when Michelle scheduled the third round of her fun #1day12pics photo challenge (see my March entry here). It was a classic hangover Saturday where I didn't get out of bed until late morning, scarfed my brunch without thought for a picture and drove back from my friend's house to take a nap and eat Thai food in front of the TV. Yesterday was another day altogether, though, so I'm much happier to share it here! The morning light (and the previous night's 9pm bedtime) had me up bright and early - I even pottered about on the balcony de-potting dead plants before Sunday morning bootcamp. Then it was off in the car to IKEA, where we fit an inordinate amount of stuff in the car and I spent a late night eating ice cream and trying to put it all together before writing up this blog post and collapsing into freshly changed sheets to watch this.

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  1. Great shots. Glad you got to join in on the weekend! Impressive ikea packing skills. Wonder if there is some competition you could enter.

  2. Saw you at the #1day12pics link-up. Love your photos! I've started doing these events to work on my photography skills--thanks for the inspiration.

    P.S. That is a fantastic green chair.

  3. Your house looks so cute! Love your 1day12pics :) x x x

  4. Gorgeous pics, and I love your 2up photo collages. Emma.