Friday, 16 May 2014

It's amazing how quickly a change in routine can nix your habits (good or bad) in record time. Last weekend, a couple moved into our flat and in just a week, we are seeing an improvement in our everyday habits. Where we once didn't need to be considerate to our space, except for each other, we now have double the amount of people living in our home, meaning some of the smallest tasks go a long way in keeping everywhere a nice space to share together. 

Now we make sure we: 

1. Empty the dish rack before cooking so there's no excuse to leave those dirty dishes lingering.

2. Pop shoes we aren't wearing into a basket in the hallway to clear up our landing space and create a calmer feeling when you walk in the door. 

3. Don't leave clothes hanging on the back of the bathroom door so that everyone has space to hang their towels (I was a big culprit for this one). 

4. Tidy up common areas, which has drastically reduced the 'stuff' piles we would ignore for weeks on end. 

I've also discovered a newfound respect for our bedroom. Now it's not just where we sleep, it's our haven where we can spend a little alone time and relax. This means that after 2 1/2 years in this little home of ours, we finally have shelves in our bedroom and my books don't live on a cardboard box on the floor anymore. And I'm using our bedroom a lot more in the evenings too; watching a programme in bed while I moisturise (something I never bothered to do), turning on my computer for a quick blog post (like this one!) and even a spot of pre-bed yoga inspired by Che's daily yoga challenge

All of this is contributing to feeling much calmer and less stressed (argh, dishes need to be done, argh keep tripping over those books, argh anxiety levels are reaching peak!) and giving me the intention to go forward into next week in the same way. Yes, it's only been a week, but it's surprising what you can do in 7 days! Let's keep these good intentions going, people! What are yours for the week ahead?

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  1. Mmm, sounds like a good solution. Sadly any permanent house guests would have to live in our lounge. Not an option ;)