FRUGAL RECIPES: quesadillas

Monday, 26 May 2014
Have you been paid yet? I haven't! Which is why we're whipping out this frugal recipe for a Bank Holiday Monday in need of a boost. Have you made quesadillas before? They are the easiest thing and somehow, toasting a plain tortilla in a pan with a squidge of melted cheese transforms a boring base into something amazing! This isn't so much a recipe as a quick foodie tip, but a packet of tortillas and a good grating of cheese can easily perk up the 'waiting for payday' slump.

THE TECHNIQUE: The only constant you need is cheese, to bind it together. Scatter cheese on one half of a large tortilla, followed by any ingredients you want to add and then another light layer of cheese. Fold in half and pop in a heated pan. As the cheese melts, the two halves will stick together and you can flip it over to brown the other side.

THE ULTIMATE: Thomasina Miers' (of Wahaca fame) broad bean, pea and new potato quesadillas. OMG is all.

THE RESOURCEFUL: Quesadillas were made for leftovers. Try shredded chicken from your Sunday Roast, a few salad leaves and some avocado or a spoonful of bolognese sauce with a sprinkle of paprika.

THE CHEAP & CHEERFUL: If you're really strapped for cash, a generous sprinkle of cheese and some diced red onion works a treat. I was going to call this one 'the last resort', but really sometimes all you want is a bit of cheese and onion, hey?

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  1. I love quesadillas. My method is to take some kidney beans and blend with a little jarred tomato sauce (or just plain pasatta) and spread that on one side, cheese on the other and some herbs. The 'ultimate' one sounds good though