Monday, 12 May 2014
Mark Nixon's collection of Much Loved bears arrived in the post this week and really struck a chord with me. The beautifully shot images of teddy bears (and bunnies and more!) that have been cuddled within an inch of their lives really struck a chord with me, as did the sweet descriptions that accompany them. I've had my yellow bunny Gund since I was born - she has been across the world with me, on airplanes with me, to the doctor with me (not for a while, mind you) and her loveworn details are testament to my affection for her. Long live the teddy!

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  1. What a gorgeous book! Gund is so sweet :) So special that you have him still.
    I never really and a teddy I was very attached to I don't think. I was too busy playing with my 7 imaginary friends who had names like Jatos and Dufron! Crazy.
    x x x