Wednesday, 28 May 2014
I'm an unapologetic bath person. We've always been this way, my family and I. In fact, I probably didn't have a shower at home until I was about 12 years old! There's something so soothing and comforting about a bath and it's my daily indulgence; some people go to the pub after work, but give me a hot bubble bath and a magazine and I'm not moving for anyone. From bath bombs to salts, oils and foams, I've tried 'em all so when a new one comes along I get just a little bit excited.

The Bathory is a brand spanking new bespoke bath soak service with a fully customisable selection of of salts designed to either bask, soothe or detox thanks to a special blend of ingredients. Choose your mix and then comes the fun part: you can add three different essential oils, from calming chamomile and relaxing lavender to invigorating lemon and sensual sandalwood. Then the bathing wizards at The Bathory's HQ hand-blend your creation and package it in a beautiful violet glass bottle. I chose lavender, rosemary and bergamot and it smells heavenly. 

I'm a total sucker for beautiful packaging and anything customisable, so it was exciting to see the little brown bag stamped with my choice of ingredients. If my name had been on the bottle, I would be buying them left, right and centre for friends, family and special occasions. As it stands, each bottle costs $30/£18 plus p+p (and they suggest using about a quarter per bath) so I'll be restraining myself for now.

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