Monday, 19 May 2014
Lately, my hair has been really bothering me. I've been experiencing a lot of build up (from hard London water, not product build up) that's left it lank and lacklustre even the day after it's been washed. I've even tried that reverse washing routine, where you use your conditioner first and then shampoo (didn't work for me). Last week I went to Boots in search of a clarifying shampoo to deep clean my hair, but I wasn't particularly impressed with the offering. After about 20 minutes, I ended up choosing a surprising shampoo that has worked wonders for my limp locks and is pretty easy on the pursestrings too!

So it turns out Johnson's baby shampoo is not just for babies! Plus, it's cheap as chips and it smells really nice - it was actually the lavender scent that drew me to it as I was on the lookout for some relaxing lavender products. My hair is fairly fine but I have a lot of it - this stuff makes sure my hair is extra clean without weighing it down at all. Plus, baby shampoo can wear all sorts of other uses like cleaning make-up brushes, standing in for shaving gel and even for hand washing delicate items of clothing. Definitely one to try, and if you don't like it on your hair, it will muck in around the house too!

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  1. Great tip - I always find when I'm staying with my family in London that I get terrible build-up and an itchy scalp from the hard water! I'll make sure to get a bottle of this next time I'm home.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure