Wednesday, 4 June 2014
Apparently #shelfies are a thing. Who knew? Thanks to instagram, the humble bookshelf is no longer just a place to stack your books. Oh no, it's a vsco cam-filled photo-op just crying out to be shared. Or, in my case, the long overdue storage I've been waiting for for two years that we finally bought and installed over the last bank holiday. But of course you want it to look nice, whether it's going on instagram or not. 

I chose the Ivar system from IKEA because it is made of pine and my boyfriend, being a carpenter, objected to the prettier cabinets that were made of flimsy particle board. I'm glad we went for it in the end though, as it's totally customisable and was a third of the price. I gave it a single serving of undercoat for a whitewashed finish that still shows through some of the natural wood, and luckily it just fit into the space behind the door. Phew! Yes, I went for colour coding my books - I think it looks really pretty and I have no qualms about trashy chick lit sitting next to my favourite food memoirs, thank you very much. We also picked up a couple of spare shelves, so when my dad finally succeeds in getting me to move my books over from my parents' house, there will still be plenty of space.

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  1. Ikea must be a carpenter's nightmare. Or, maybe a nightmare for the person shopping with a carpenter...Pretty shelves, I love that Bill Bryson 'At Home' book.