Friday, 27 June 2014
Ché is the gorgeous creator of indieBerries, a creative destination featuring bespoke illustrations, quirky products and THE FUNNIEST blog. That girl is so much fun, so I'm super excited to share three things she'll be doing this weekend.

EAT: Weekends are our "indulge" days! I'm thinking a delicious breakkie of poached eggs, salmon and hollandaise. (Husband, ahem - did you hear that?) And if this gorgeous weather holds out...  a sneaky ice-cream!

DO: As per usual, I seem to leave my weekends to catch up on freelance work; this weekend I have some indieLoveBook enquiries to catch up on! On the "fun" side - I have been working on an up-cycled moon bag to take to a festival we are going to this summer. I LOVE projects that are hands on! And definitely a spot of yoga too!

LISTEN: There are a few Fizzle podcasts that I have bookmarked. They are super helpful podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

Thanks Ché!

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