Friday, 4 July 2014
A single photo and a story from my week.

On Wednesday night, my boyfriend decided at the last minute to stay over at his friend’s house and I had a completely delicious evening on my own. Of course I would not trade him in for the place to myself every night and first choice on the evening menu every day of the week, but it’s amazing how much more time you have to get shit done when you don’t have a partner, parent or pal to check in with at the end of the day (I do, however, have a pet, who took up a large chunk of said evening).

I worked out (including a reggaeton dance video on YouTube which no one will ever see me do, ever), I washed my hair, I changed the sheets, I wrote down a buttload of blog ideas that I can get started on when my new camera arrives this weekend (!), I made and ate dinner, I communed with this guy and then I settled down to finish Season 1 of Orange is The New Black (oh my gosh, someone please can we talk about this?). And then, I went to bed. I slept in the middle of the bed with all of the pillows and when I woke up I felt SO GOOD that I made a proper breakfast, planned a pretty outfit and stopped in my tracks to snap this picture of the beautiful golden light in our bedroom.


  1. I love the atmosphere and light in this picture!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Nancy. I just had a snoop around your blog and your photos are SO beautiful so that's really flattering!

      You too! x