Friday, 18 July 2014
A single photo and a story from my week.

Last weekend I spent a few hours cleaning out my wardrobe - I threw out a whole bin bag of worn out clothes, sent another big bag off to the charity shop and kept a few pieces aside for friends. I was knee deep in piles of clothes, dust flying everywhere and an even bigger mess than when I started and then, poking out from the very back of the wardrobe, I saw those familiar white flowers on their floaty blue background. I pulled the dress out of its hovel, laid it across my lap and smoothed its creases.

This dress must be as old as me. I remember my mum wearing it when I was little, specifically when we lived in New York. There are pictures of us in one of the horse carriages in Central park, that familiar blue fabric worn back then by her instead. I've never been one for vintage clothing - maybe there is a story behind it, but that story is no concern of mine. To me, this dress is different. I remember it being a dress for special occasions; for taking me to ballet recitals, but also for everyday occurrences; an after school treat at Serendipity or a barbecue at our country cabin in Pennsylvania. When I put it on I am so nostalgic for that time in my life and my mum's face every time she sees me wearing it is one of the best.

Do you have a meaningful piece of clothing? Maybe it belonged to your grandma, or maybe you bought it last week but it makes you feel like a million dollars - either way, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Hello Catherine! I just discovered your lovely blog via Michelle (My Creative). I have a whole collection of my mother's floral dresses from the 70s and wear them all the time. I love them and repair them when they start to look a little worn or a stitch comes loose. They're older than me but they are perfect. I've worn them to work, to weddings and just out in the garden. They're so special I'll keep them for ever.

    x Charlotte

    1. There's something so special about wearing something that belonged to your mum, isn't there? I always wanted to play dress up in her clothes when I was little.

  2. such a cute dress, i love a 'vintage dress' :) such a pretty print