Monday, 28 July 2014

One of my closest friends got engaged a few weeks ago and when she told me she was coming down to London for the weekend, I knew I had to throw her a surprise party! I decided on a simple evening involving a few bottles of prosecco, crisps and cupcakes as I was actually going to Quill's Modern Calligraphy workshop the afternoon that she was arriving.

I invited our best girlfriends from school and that was that. But then, as always happens with me, I started over-thinking it; but what about dinner? Should we go out for dinner after? But then we'll be having cupcakes before dinner and that's weird. Maybe I'll do some canapés. Yep that'll work, then we can go out for dinner. I'll make a reservation somewhere. Oh, but what time will we be done with drinks..? You can imagine I really got myself into quite a tizzy! So in the end I decided to host the whole shebang at my house.

I've never really made canapés before, but I thought I'd give it a go. Lately I've been really into peaches and prosciutto, so I made these little bites with a couple of ripe peaches, basil and mint leaves and pearls of mozzarella. They are super easy and actually the fiddliest bit is cutting the peaches - after that, it's plain sailing!

We had lots of cold meat and olives and crisps (which a friend brought over after I'd taken these photos, hence the empty bowls you might have spotted!). I also made Siobhan's broad bean and pea dip which was SO delicious and everyone went crazy for it! The best part was that I made everything either Friday night or Saturday morning, so I just had to lay it all out before everyone came over in the evening. My friend was completely surprised, which was the best feeling, and it was one of those perfect evenings (fuelled by prosecco) that feels exactly the same as it did when we were all together 10 years ago!

Oh yes, and for supper I served Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals feta and spinach pie, which I spooned onto puff pastry to make a crispy open tart. You have to make the tomato salad that goes with it. Delish!


  1. I love that "hooray" banner! Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.


  2. what a sweet party! i am also such an over-thinker when it comes to hosting a party, but it always turns out! even still, i'm absolutely a reluctant entertainer because of it!

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  4. I had chicken skewers, potato ravioli, and a brucetta in appetizers at the wedding location venue, followed by mushroom stuffed raviolis. Don't know if that's cause of the wedding or just how they do it.