SUNDAY SWITCH-OFF: breakfast + magazines

Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Do you know what I did at the weekend? I downed tools for the morning, switched off my computer, left my phone in a drawer and sat down for some quiet, no electronics allowed quality time with myself. I'm totally guilty of watching something on my computer, with one hand scrolling through twitter and the other flicking through a magazine or writing a list. This is what my Sunday morning looked like:

1. A tasty breakfast. My favourite scrambled eggs always hit the spot, plus a mug of builder's tea and a bowl of fruit.

2. A stack of new books. I flicked through the ones that came in my Amazon order this week, but more on that another day.

3. A to-do list for the month. As well as jotting down the things I wanted to get done today, I added a few extra notes to accomplish by the end of the month - there's a new tough love thing going on in these parts and the most boring tasks are top of the list (taxes, painting window frames, etc. etc.).

4. Red Magazine. This is my absolute favourite magazine; I recommend it to all my friends, I pore over every page, read it word for word, and I'm always a little sad when it's finish. This is the one I always sit down with for breakfast as it's so substantial - fashion you want to buy and wear season after season, interesting features, down-to-earth interviews and actually useful health features beyond the latest fad diets. In fact, Red is the only magazine I don't put in the recycling at the end of the month and I happily re-read each issue with the same voracious interest I had for it the first time around.

I'm hoping to make these tech-free Sunday mornings a regular thing, and not just for breakfast. I plan to try out some new crafts, brainstorm ideas and make things and, of course, I promise to share along the way!

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