THREE WAYS WITH: rose water

Monday, 21 July 2014
Rose water is a popular ingredient in skincare as it is an anti-inflammatory and a rich source of antioxidants, but it is also an old favourite in cooking too. Widely used in the Middle East and India, the delicate, fragrant flavour lends freshness and depth to classic dishes - here are four ways to try it:

1.  Add it to drinks: a few drops* of rose water will lend a new twist to a glass of prosecco or lemonade. It also goes perfectly with strawberries and raspberries - try making a syrup by boiling a few drops with sugar, water and berries, then strain and add to cocktails or sparkling water.

2. Cupcakes love rose water: fold a few drops into buttercream icing for a subtle hint of flavour and garnish with an (edible - no pesticides!) rose petal.

3. Update your favourite dessert: whip rose water into cream for a new take on Eton Mess or add to warm desserts like rice pudding. Complement with a few crushed pistachios for a sweet that would make Ottolenghi proud.

*go easy with it - too much can taste a bit soapy. It's best to add gradually and taste as you go.

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