WANDERLUST: crystal clear waters in europe

Wednesday, 30 July 2014
You know those turquoise waters you see in the Maldives, South East Asia and the Caribbean? Well, turns out you can find them a little closer to home, too. With this hot summer weather we're having lately, I just want to pack a bag and go!


  1. Urgh you are giving me a seriously desire to get near an ocean right now :) Also, I have nominated your blog for the liebster award on my most recent blog post if you wanted to take a look. Love your blog!

    1. Oh that's so sweet of you! Thank you! I actually already took part here: http://www.catherinesprunt.com/2014/02/liebster-friday.html, but I'm going straight to your blog to see your answers :)

  2. The gorges du verdon in the south of France have equally crystal clear waters... Worth a quick google if you want to risk reigniting the wanderlust again!

  3. Lovely photos of Sardinia. As with many other European destinations, I would love to put this on my bucket list.