Friday, 8 August 2014

Have you ever seen a rabbit spooning a broccoli? Well, it’s a regular occurrence around these parts. Mornings are my favourite times with Scampi, our housebunny; we are lucky to have a little spare room where he can roam free – everyone always says, ‘oh my gosh your rabbit has its own bedroom’, which is a little embarrassing, I have to say! – but the room also contains my wardrobe, so it’s where I get ready in the morning.

He is always so sweet and happy to see me and we have a little pow wow, whereby I scratch his velvety nose and he runs circles around my makeup bag before zealously spending a little one-on-one time with his broccoli buddy (he’s reached that age). In this heat, he usually finds he’s overexerted himself within a few minutes and he comes over to my spot on the floor and slumps over, offering up his ridiculously fluffy belly – is there anything cuter?

His favourite time, though, is the weekends, when he has free run of the house and he can stretch out on the cool wood flooring in the hallway. Hope you all enjoy your weekends as much as this guy does!

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