Friday, 5 September 2014
A single photo and a story from my week:

I had the best time last weekend! My friend Mariko’s return from Japan for the month coincided with another friend from uni, Sophie, visiting for the weekend. I went to a very international university with a big emphasis on languages, which inevitably meant that as soon we graduated, most of my friends upped sticks across the globe. It’s really rare that we’re back together, so by gosh we made the most of it!
Sophie arrived late Friday night so it was quite quickly to bed, rising nice and early for boiled eggs and soldiers.

Sophie used to live with us, so I felt an extra pang of nostalgia for our lazy weekend mornings. We decided to check out the Southbank’s Festival of Love and I’m SO glad we did – it was the last weekend and it went out with a bang with over 200 couples getting married at Royal Festival Hall! There was such a lovely celebratory vibe with a live band and people swing dancing out on the terrace, the usual street performers and a handful of foodie stops too – we indulged in Bob’s Lobsters, Wahaca and a quick trip on the hot pink, double decker Snog bus (all delicious!). Maybe you saw my instagrams?

In the evening we headed to Brixton Market for drinks at ChickenLiquor (try the Paloma – I’m hooked) and of course ended up getting a big tray of chicken wings – the Chicken Shop and Korean ones were especially top notch, and such a uni throwback. I wish my favourite girls were in town all the time!

I thought I was in for some downtime this weekend, but I’m going out dancing tonight – it’s been too long! I’ll be taking part in Michelle’s #1day12pics challenge this month, so you’ll have to wait for my post to see what I get up to on Saturday. Toodle pip!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm in the same boat as you - lots of my friends moved back to their native countries after college. On the bright side, we always have people to stay with if we ever want to travel, right?

  2. i think this i had love at first sight with this blog. immediately fell in love with it!!
    your weekend sounds amazing. i had a good weekend too with old friends from studying abroad. good times :)

    now following your blog! cannot be MORE excited!
    taylor || bloganticipation.blogspot.com