Saturday, 20 September 2014

Chances are you've you got the Nike Training Club app and you might even have given some of the workouts a shot, but did you know they do classes too? The best part is, they're totally FREE!

I tell all my friends about it (because it's always more fun - and motivating - working out with friends) and they're always surprised to hear about it. I go every Sunday, and every new person who joins says 'I just can't believe it's free!'

Each session comprises of an hour of hardcore bootcamp-style drills, with plenty of warm-ups, stretches and even some sprints (depending on the trainer). I've been going for nearly two years now and I am so much stronger and fitter than I ever could have imagined - I'm even doing full push-ups! But the classes don't get any easier, you just start pushing yourself even harder.

If you live in London, there are classes everywhere from Shepherd's Bush (actually in the middle of the Westfield shopping centre - totally mortifying...I've been) and Clapham Common to Victoria Park in East London. There are even a couple across the UK, like Glasgow. With multiple classes during the week, you might even find you can replace your usual gym membership for some free sessions and a couple of solo workouts with the app to fill in the gaps.

Find out if there's a class near you and sign up here.


  1. HOW did I not know about this?! I was paying a lot of money for something similar last year haha. When I'm back in London I'm definitely going to check this out, it sounds brilliant.