#1DAY12PICS: october

Sunday, 5 October 2014

It's been  a while since I joined in with Michelle's #1day12pics challenge. So long, in fact, that I didn't realise the first picture in this set is the same as the one I started with in May! This is the first weekend of Autumn where it has really been quite chilly, and much darker in the flat too.

8:37 Now it's darker in the mornings, I like enjoying the light at the weekend. I usually do a little instagram scrolling and maybe flick through a magazine before getting up.

9:24 First point of call when I get out of bed. He's actually rubbing his chin on me, which is what he does every time he sees me to remind me I belong to him!

10:20 We made it to Breads Etc.! I've been wanting my boyfriend to go with me for ages, but he hates queueing for his food. Luckily there was no line (a Saturday secret, perhaps?) and yes, I ate all of the toast.

11:55 I found this huge picture frame on the side of the road and I'm chuffed! Actually, I found it a week or so ago along with this one and I've been trying to decide if I should paint it or not, but the dark wood looks great against the navy walls in our spare room.

12:00 Time to do some work. It looks quite bright in this picture, but it was actually really dark, hence all the lights on!

12:46 I already have this jumper in white, but I re-ordered it in black too as it was getting a bit dirty from wearing it around the house (read: while I cook).

1:30 The post arrived! I ordered these books (including a re-purchase you might recognise) for my holiday, but I'm having a hard time not cracking into them now as the book I'm currently reading is a little lacklustre.

2:22 I ordered this Made.com lamp a while ago in the summer sale and it's been sitting in its box since then. I thought I'd have a look at it before we actually call the electrician to install it - don't you think it looks like a weird alien? I'm not convinced...

3:30 I always do a re-shuffle when I'm procrastinating. I'm particularly pleased with the top shelf right now, but I'm going to have to make way for more books soon.

5:45 Getting the tomato sauce on for dinner. There'll be a recipe on here soon!

6:30 A nice long bath while dinner's in the oven. I picked up this shampoo from Holland & Barrett and it makes my hair super soft!

9:45 Darren and I watched a really gruesome movie (The Raid 2) - don't let this serene candle set-up fool you!


  1. Thanks for taking part Catherine. Love the frame. Breakfast with a bunch of bread sounds great. Hard to tell with the light in the box ... sure it looks great.

  2. That's such a cute little bunny! Can't believe you found that picture frame, that's a pretty awesome find :)