Friday, 10 October 2014

If you follow me on Instagram I'm afraid you'll have seen this one already. And if you don't - you must be crazy! You're missing out on a whole load of bunny pics.

This picture was taken on a particularly wet morning, right after I went to the clinic for my smear test. TMI? Perhaps, but ever since a friend blogged about her experiences, I really feel like it's something we should talk about more. After I read her post, I brought it up with my friends and it turned out they'd all been to have theirs already! It takes 5 minutes, it's awkward for all of 1 minute of that, and if you're all clear, you don't have to think about in for another 3 years. Actually, my nurse said to me 'it's a present. It's your birthday present from Cameron (the British prime minister) for turning 25.' I think she was being sarcastic because we can all think of things we'd rather be doing on a Thursday morning but actually, yes, it is a gift. I'm thankful for access to free healthcare and I'll be darned if I don't take advantage of it. So if you are 25 and you live in the UK, go get your smear!

This weekend my flatmates are moving out and my cousin is moving in (with his 50in tv!!) so there's lots of coming and going and a big deep clean on the cards for us. Enjoy!


  1. I hate those! But yeah, they're pretty necessary :)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. 1. love your shoes (kind of obsessed with slipon trainers at the moment). 2. Interesting housemate developments - sounds like a good move. 3. Yay for free healthcare and making 'women's issues' public (I hate that phrase).

  3. I love your Instagram Catherine! Big fan of those bunnygrams. And yes to the sharing of your smear on your blog - so much respect. I'll be straight down to the clinic when I'm 25! (...) Hope the moving out went well! xx