91 MAGAZINE: issue 11

Monday, 8 December 2014

I've been waiting for WEEKS to share this gorgeous shoot I styled for the December issue of 91 Magazine. After attending Quill London's amazing Modern Calligraphy Workshop back in July, I thought it would be fun to incorporate calligraphy into a Christmassy-diy. My calligraphy skills are still somewhat lacking, so I enlisted the lovely Imogen Owen to create a free printable exclusively for the magazine.

Imogen created a loosely seasonal design so that readers can keep crafting with it beyond Christmas, and the simple detailing translated perfectly onto lightweight card with a regular desktop printer. I played around with the motif to create some cards alongside Imogen's gift tag template - the best part is, using word, you can easily make your own stationery. Simply buy the new issue of 91 Magazine and download the template linked to in the article (page 84-87) - there are gift tags and cards, but you can also manipulate the motif yourself to print onto any size paper you like. If you do this, please always credit back to Imogen, Quill London and 91 Magazine as this printable is creative property and Imogen has kindly produced it for free.

I loved loved loved doing this little Christmassy shoot and I was so happy to have my friend Siobhan shooting the pictures for me. She captured everything so beautifully, don't you think? Check out her post for more images and a peek at the finished article. Next week, I'm going to be sharing an extra little project using the printable to create cute wrapping details and gift bags.

All images by Siobhan Watts for 91 Magazine.


  1. You did SUCH a good job on the styling, I love the colours that you picked. Great fun to shoot, hope we get to do it again sometime :) xx

  2. How lovely, Catherine. You did a beautiful job. Holly x

  3. so amazing photos! In love with your blog!:) Best wishes from Russia:)