Friday, 5 December 2014

I know everyone is probably sick of everyone else banging on about how 'Christmas is coming up so quickly this year, isn't it?'...but isn't it?? There's something funny in the air this year for sure!

Anyway, this week felt super Christmassy - I finished most of my gift buying, we bought our Christmas tree (!), I had my first mulled wine of the year and I spent a lovely evening of crafting and listening to Michael Buble. This weekend, I'm going to be running around like a crazy person catching up with friends, babysitting, volunteering and meeting some dogs (more on both of those things another time!) and trying to squeeze as much Christmas cheer into the mix as possible (tree decorating + more mulled wine, most likely).

Next week I can't wait to post some festive things I've been saving up, including some more shots of Siobhan's gorgeous photos of my latest piece for 91 Magazine. Make sure you buy the new December issue - there's lots of gorgeous crafting and non-seasonal Christmassy things that will make it worth reading well into the new year too.

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  1. ooh are these clay gift tags you're making? Is this the air drying stuff? Looking forward to seeing you in Brixi tomorrow xx