Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The best part about moving into my own place (apart from the obvious things!) is that now I get to decorate two Christmas trees every year! There are pros and cons to both trees - my parents get a fake one, but we decorate it with a sentimental array of ornaments we've been collecting since before I was born, and at my place we always get a big, bushy real tree which smells amazing, but still a bit sparse on the decoration front.

I love having mismatched ornaments, and I'm happy to have a slightly bare tree (especially as this year's is about 7 foot!) over decorations that are picked just to add bulk. There are vintage glass mushrooms, cheeky gnomes and feathered birds alongside sparkly pinecones and a handmade golden glitter star. Some have been gifts from others, others gifts to myself - new additions this year include the little white deer from Paperchase and some handmade clay ornaments. Decorations don't stop at the tree either...

Did you blog about your Christmas decorations? Link up below and we can all get in the festive spirit. 8 SLEEPS, PEOPLE!


  1. Omg 8 sleeps - as if!!!!!!!! But your tree looks wonderful and I agree, I much prefer mis-matched ornaments that each have their individual sentiments! x

  2. So lovely, and these are decorations for life.