CHRISTMAS DIY: gift wrap + bags

Monday, 15 December 2014

Last week I posted about the Christmas shoot I styled for 91 Magazine and this week I wanted to share some extra little crafty details that will perk up your gift wrapping.

I'm a big fan of simple brown paper and ribbon (this polka dot update is from Paperchase) and so it's usually the little details that make it extra special - one year I illustrated ribbons and gift tags straight onto the paper and last year I tied them up with jute string and a sprig of rosemary.

With the leftovers I had of the Imogen Owen x Quill London printable for 91 Magazine, I decided to make some little ribbon badges to adorn this year's presents. I simply cut-out discs, glued them to another layer of paper for a contrasting trim, and then used double-sided tape to attach different ribbons to the back. I love the way they look so much, I ended up making a whole bunch more which I will probably never give away!

I also found a way to re-use gift bags, covering any logos or brand names with a strip of satin ribbon and a little disc. I think it looks really sweet and it's a good way to use the bags I always keep for just such occasions, but never use because they usually have writing on them.


  1. Your gift wrapping is lovely, I completely agree that it isn't always all about the paper itself but that it is sometimes the little extras that you add that really make it look lovely.

  2. This is lovely! And a disc is such a good idea <3 I dont think I've ever tried this before but I will for sure try this Christmas. Thanks so much for the inspo xx

    1. Thanks Valerie! Tweet me a picture if you do it :)