CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIP: the best gift wrapping service

Monday, 1 December 2014

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Is it disturbing you that I’m asking you about it? Well, it being the first of December and all, I feel it would be rude not to bring it up, and seeing as I’ve been in the festive spirit since the beginning of November, I’ve just been itching to post something, anything, Christmassy on here. 

Last week I did a whip round London and I’m feeling rather smug about it because I’m kind of almost finished buying my presents (those Christmas cards I meant to send? Well, we can not mention those for the time being…). Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick Christmas shopping tip that is too good not to shout about. 

Have you ever bought a gift from Kiehl’s? Well, aside from the fact that their products are awesome and would make a lovely gift in their own right, they do the best gift wrapping ever. Whether you buy one product or three, they will pop your items in a lovely ribbon-tied gift box (usually kraft paper brown, but at Christmas a lovely festive red) and fill the extra space with samples and tissue paper or pretty potpourri. They put so many samples in, and the samples are usually of a pretty generous size, that the first time I got something gift wrapped and they asked if I was happy with the way it looked, I shyly pointed out that I hadn’t chosen all those extra products, to which the guy said, ‘uhh, they’re free’ …#awkward. SO, to cut a long story (that didn’t need to be so long) short, go to Kiehl’s, buy some stuff and they will make it look like the most beautiful, thoughtful gift you ever gave.

Note: I've only ever bought products from the Kiehl's concession in Harrods, though I imagine the wrapping service is standard throughout. In the picture above (which I took at night because I was TOO excited about it, so sorry about the photo quality), I only bought the two bottles of body wash - the rest of the box is samples!

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