Friday, 16 January 2015

You guys all know my big passion in life is food, but my job in retail is largely fashion-centric. Last year I put the cogs in motion to create more lifestyle content at work and I found the incredible Raw Vegan Blonde on Instagram. Over the course of the year she created exclusive recipes and fruit and vegetable collages for us and this week I wrote a story, bringing together all the recipes in one post. It was really exciting to look back over the posts and realise how much I achieved last year, so this week I’m reflecting on making goals to achieve the things you want. This time last year I wasn’t doing any food writing at all (and I had only just started my blog!), so I’m feeling a bit sentimental today. Thanks for stopping by!

If you’re interested in raw and/or vegan food or if you just want to see some beautiful images like the one above, you can read the full story on Style Insider


  1. What an amazing image! I didn't realise what it was at first until I looked closer - it looks like a piece of abstract art!!

  2. You go girl! 2015 will be a big one for you, I know it xx

  3. Wahooo! Good for you, what a brilliant year you have ahead of you. Also, it definitely feels like I have known you way longer then a year!! (in a good way!) x

  4. fab photo. Making goals to achieve what you want.. I'm starting to do that as I need a change and I have to make it happen!