Monday, 12 January 2015
When I started writing this blog last January, I came up with the tagline in pursuit of the good life. I wanted my blog to be about learning new skills, trying new things and taking time to appreciate the little things that make everyday life that little bit more exciting. So far, I've improved my daily commute, discussed why I think staying late at the office isn't healthy or productive, taken the time to appreciate slow Sunday mornings and shared some of my favourite recipes for eating well on a budget. So far, so good, but I think this is my favourite life-improver so far: BorrowMyDoggy.

The premise is basically internet dating for dog owners and dog lovers. You sign up and browse the profiles of dogs in your area and then fix up a meeting to see if you're a good fit. Some dog owners are looking for people to walk their dogs during the day while they're out at work, some want you to take them for a weekend romp and some even need dog sitters while they go on holiday! We decided to try it out because we are just CUCKOO for dogs. We're hoping to get a dog in a couple of years' time, so it's the perfect opportunity to meet lots of different breeds to see what would fit best into our lives. What do you get out of it? Well, meeting dogs. DUH!

We walk Jack, the Wire Haired Fox Terrier in these photos, about once a week before work as he lives super close to us and I think his owner is just happy to have an undisturbed 30 minutes in the morning to drink coffee and read the paper, while Maddie, a gorgeous, lively Staffordshire Bull Terrier who we take out for longer walks at the weekend, is such an outgoing and friendly dog who can fetch a ball all day long, her owner just wanted to share her fun loving spirit with people who love, but can't have their own dogs.

After walking the dogs, we both just feel so happy and relaxed. It's definitely an endorphin high! And when you're walking a dog people always smile at you and you automatically get to be part of the 'dog owners club' in the park. If you love dogs, I can't recommend BorrowMyDoggy enough.


  1. I keep seeing adverts for borrowmydoggy on my Facebook newsfeed. It's great to hear some first hand experience and it sounds awesome. I know my husband would love it (he's super keen to get a dog as soon as we find somewhere to live with a garden)! X