WORDS TO LIVE BY: indieberries' live simply poster

Friday, 30 January 2015

Instead of a PHOTO FOR FRIDAY, I thought I'd shared some words to live by for the weekend.

My friend Ché, who I actually met through blogging, is such an inspiring girl. She's a maker, entrepreneur, yogi and all-round awesome, uplifting person who is also hilarious. She posted this print in her notonthehighstreet.com shop and I was instantly drawn to it.

Inspired by her sweet message, here are some ways to live simply this weekend:

Go for a walk: grab a friend, partner, spare dog, lace up your trainers and get outside for some fresh air. It's a free way to catch up with friends and family and you'll have time to actually talk instead of getting distracted by the hustle of a restaurant or coffee shop.

Try a new recipe: my frugal recipes are the pinnacle of simple living. Bonus points if you can get ahead on meals for the week or packed lunches. I like making a big batch of this tomato sauce; it goes with everything from Friday night meatballs to quinoa and veggies scarfed down at my desk.

Clean your house: I know...probably the last thing you want to do on your day off, but when was the last time you really cleaned your house. A couple of months ago I got behind our media unit and spent a good few hours untangling the mass of unused cables, dust bunnies and stray dvds. It was gross but it felt so good. Unless cleaning isn't your jam, then maybe just leave it until next weekend ;)

Write a letter: I'm notoriously bad at keeping in touch - I don't love to talk on the phone and I wholeheartedly avoid Skype. This weekend I'm finally going to write my entry for the bicycle and then put together a couple of little packages for friends overseas.

Make a proper breakfast: during the week I usually eat breakfast when I get to work, so it's something microwavable like porridge or, lately, fruit and yoghurt has been my jam. What I really like is savoury breakfast though (always eggs), which it's not all that easy (or pleasant) to eat at your desk! On Saturday mornings I make a point to really go for it, always with a pot of tea for multiple top-ups while I read a magazine. (My favourite breakfast posts.)

Go gardening: My mum, the fountain of all knowledge, says bulb planting season is upon us. It's an actual thing that gardening is good for you and can relieve anxiety and depression; even a little herb garden on your windowsill or a terrarium in your living room is fun to put together. Perfect excuse to head to the garden centre!


  1. Shay and I have agreed that we will clean on Saturday but because I'm going to an NTC in the morning he's going to do his bits, then I'm doing mine when I get back. I'm dreading the thought of it now but it's always so worth it when the flat is ultra clean and tidy! Love the notion of living simply x

    1. Go go! I love that feeling of a nice clean flat. I'm also going to NTC this weekend. Makes me feel so accomplished!

  2. Ah Catherine! Thank you so much for this you lovely lady! Love this list for living simply! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! xxx