Monday, 9 February 2015

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? A romantic dinner? Date night on the sofa with Ben and Jerry? My boyfriend and I tend to just exchange cards and a kiss as our anniversary is a few days later, but I know some people go all out!

When I lived in America as a child, Valentine's Day was huuuge! Some say it's just a hugely commercialised holiday, but it was really fun to celebrate. Everyone makes/sends Valentine's not just for their partners, but for friends, children and so on. It's a really big deal at school, and we used to spend a few hours making our own shoebox letterboxes and on the day itself everyone would bring in cards to pop into each others' boxes. It wasn't just for the boy you had a crush on, it was an inclusive day where everyone got to feel a little bit special!

With that in mind, this year I put together 'Galentines' Day packages for a couple of my friends who I never got around to sending Christmas cards to (whoops). Nothing fancy, just a sweet card, a packet of Love Hearts and one of the little clay ornaments I made at Christmas inside a little matchbox gift box.

Will you be doing anything special? I think we're just going to get a takeaway and stay in our pjs all day. 
Who said romance is dead!


  1. aww you are too cute. I'm not really into valentines day, but we might have a homemade pizza night and watch a movie. I've been eating so healthily lately, I need a night off! xx

  2. Where did you grow up in America? Man, the letterboxes are the BEST PART of V-day. I love your idea of continuing that sort of spirit...I would love getting a box like that!