INSTAGRAMS | a valentine-iversary in cornwall

Friday, 20 February 2015
My parents told us they were spending Valentine's weekend at our place in Cornwall and we tagged along (romantic, eh?) for a long weekend. Darren and I drove down at the crack of dawn on Friday, arriving in time for a pasty and a cup of tea before a long walk on the beach.

On Valentine's night, my parents went to the local restaurant while we stayed in and cooked the biggest steaks I've ever seen! We don't make a big song and dance about Valentine's Day - actually...I was furious that Darren forgot to get me a card, but he weaseled his way out of that one reminding me of the really sweet things he's done for me over the past few months while I've been a bit out of sorts (read: moany).

My parents left on Sunday afternoon and we had the place to ourselves for our anniversary on Monday - nine years together! I was shocked to google a few other things that are nine years old this year. We spent the morning at our favourite brunch spot, The Beach Hut on Watergate Bay, indulging in a massive fry up and pancakes and getting serious dog envy. We are seriously thinking about getting a puppy at the end of this year now! We drove along the coast a little, stopping at a couple of beaches, before heading home for a swim, Dominos and Broadchurch (talk about a cliffhanger!).

We drove back on Tuesday morning and a text from my colleague softened the blow - I won employee of the month this month and I have some other exciting works things in the pipeline too, so I'm feeling really proud of all the hard work I've put in this year.

I took some beautiful photos on the beach with my DSLR. I'm really not a natural shutterbug and I rarely take my big camera out, but I'm looking forward to sharing some pretty photos soon!


  1. Happy anniversary to you guys, 9 years is pretty incredible. I petitioned Gav for a card for two weeks before Valentines day because he forgot to get me one at Christmas. He always writes such nice things and I like to have them as keepsakes, but I have to nag him a lot before I get one :) boys, eh? Your parents look SO cute xx

    1. Thanks lovely - my parents are definitely adorable. They bought those jackets for their honeymoon in the Himalayas over 30 years ago!

  2. What a fabulous looking weekend! Congratulations on your 9 year anniversary and for winning employee of the month - that's fantastic! :) xxx