STYLE CRUSH: sienna miller

Monday, 2 March 2015

I don't know if this is a style crush or just all-out obsession, but I've pinned so many pictures of Sienna Miller to my private Pinterest board lately, I figured I should try and figure out what has me so googly-eyed over every picture of her! It's part of my job to know what celebrities are wearing and she's been doing the awards show rounds this year with some seriously killer style - her new choppy bob gives me hair envy every time I log into my computer and I'm taking notes to emulate her updated boho aesthetic.

Perfectly undone - whether she's on the red carpet or dressed down in a pair of jeans, she nails that pretty-'but not perfect'-look. Off-duty, she looks dishevelled, yet still cool, thanks to glossy hair and statement accessories. Yet in a red carpet gown, she keeps hair simple and make-up minimal to keep the overall feel relaxed and carefree. 

Cute crop - when I think of Sienna Miller I always picture long, messy locks or '60s-style bouffants from the Aflie era, but it turns out she's no stranger to the bob either. Her new style is sideswept and shorter and I wish I could pull it off, but I just don't have the cheek bones for it. I had a similar cut to the one on the left about 18 months go and my hair is finally back to mermaid lengths - I think I might try a glossy mid-length cut like the photo at the top of the post instead, though.

New boho - I'm pretty sure Sienna Miller kickstarted the boho trend when she was papped on the arm of Jude Law wearing peasant tops, denim cut-offs and cowboy boots back in the Noughties. I still love that relaxed vibe, with floppy brim hats and delicate gold jewellery. Her new look is more grown-up and fashion-forward, but pretty floral embroidery, textured fabric and that choppy 'do give her signature style a modern kick up the bum.

On my shopping list: shrunken denim biker jacket, little red handbag and a long, layered bob haircut.

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