Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Remember that post about making friends in your twenties where I mentioned an inspiring bunch of blogger friends? Well, Siobhan is one of those good eggs who has come into my life over the past year (or two?) who is inspiring, entrepreneurial and a real 'do-er', which makes me extra excited to introduce her just-launched online store, Calder & Byrne. Stocked with beautiful handmade goodies from around the UK, Calder & Byrne connects makers with people across the world who are committed to seeking out unique products beyond the usual high street offering. From ceramics and beautiful jewellery to prints, cosmetics and Siobhan's very own Bless The Weather knits, there's a little something to inspire the 'shop local' mantra in everyone.

Siobhan's shop has a back-to-basics approach that makes me yearn for the simple things in life. In this modern age, where we hardly do anything with our own bare hands, Calder & Byrne bridges the gap between being and doing and has inspired me to take that long-talked-about jewellery course. Who knows, maybe I'll be part of the Calder & Byrne family in 2016!

Have a browse, fill your shopping basket and support local makers!

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  1. What a wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing Catherine! I've actually removed the 10% notice, that was just while the shop was testing. I can't get my mailing list to work yet either, but I will do soon! xx

    1. Thank YOU Siobhan. So proud of you! I've removed that bit from the post now ;)

    2. Thanks Catherine! And YES to the jewellery course and being part of the shop. Really excited to see what you make x

  2. It's a lovely range! And yes go for the jewellery making course! A friend of mine did it and she made some amazing things after only a few weeks, so good! x