Monday, 25 May 2015

Here's something a little bit fun for a Bank Holiday Monday! Do you have Pinterest? I've been an avid pinner on and off for quite a few years now and recently reorganise all of my boards to be a bit more cohesive. Do you follow me?

Apart from the fact that it's an amazing way to gather inspiration and ideas (and it's changing all the time in what we use it for - my colleague suggested it as a tool for searching for interesting e-mail subject lines!?), I love seeing what people have re-pinned from my boards, whether they're photos from my blog or re-pinning practically a whole board - this always happens with GOOD HAIR! It's fun to see the things that people are still re-pinning even a good few years after I first pinned them myself; it's a perfect way to jog your memory about things you had forgotten about.

Here are a couple of favourites and recent re-discoveries:

Since I added a PIN button feature to my blog, it's been fun to check in and see what people are pinning straight from the blog. If you are curious to see what people pin from your site, you can check using this URL: without http:// or www

Here are a few favourites people have pinned from Sprunting!:

You can find all of these pins and more via my Pinterest account.


  1. What a fun post :) Now following you!... I think we're very pin-compatible