Monday, 8 June 2015

My cousin, who had been living with us since September last year, moved out a few weeks ago and finally, after three years or house sharing, Darren and I have the whole place to ourselves! I've been in crazy nesting mode and it's been so nice to air out the flat. The weirdest thing that I've been happiest about isn't one less person vying for the bathroom, late night homecomings or piles of washing up (because my cousin turned out to be the dream housemate), it's the fact that we can leave the spare room door open all the time; it really makes the house feel more welcoming and much brighter. The spare room gets the best light and it streams through the flat, which makes a huge difference to the long hallway - ignore the machine in the pictures above, a reminder that even behind every blogger there is still a mess lurking in every corner of the house!

After being knocked out over the weekend with a bout of hay fever, I'm so grateful for home comforts and the place I get to call home. 


  1. Uhhh that must be such a good feeling. We've just done the opposite, after having our own space for a whole year, just moved in with friends, it's fun but I can't wait to have our own space back! x

  2. Ahh my housemate moved out in January leaving me and Byron alone and it really is such a nice feeling. I totally get the spare bedroom door thing, I was thrilled to do the same thing myself. Enjoy the nesting, it's a pretty magical time xx