Monday, 22 June 2015

Leftovers are probably my favourite thing about cooking; I usually cook extra on purpose so that I can have leftovers the next day, and it's probably the best way of keeping our weekly food budget down. My favourite thing about leftovers is the way you can transform last night's dinner into something different to eat the next day, so you don't feel like you're munching on the same thing over and over again. Here are my favourite tips for loving your leftovers:

In my opinion, everything tastes better with an egg on it. Whether boiled or fried, a lovely free range egg can turn a plate of leftover vegetables into a hearty hot supper. Likewise, putting your leftovers in an egg works well too - I love folding leftover chopped salsa into a spicy Bombay omelette.

If you've made a curry or stew, add stock the next day to turn it into a soup. This works really well for Asian dishes and even last night's takeaway! Just add a little boiling water or stock and throw in a handful of rice noodles if you don't have any rice left. I like taking tupperware pots of curry to work and adding water before microwaving.

Always, always make extras. I find slow cooked sauces often taste better the next day when they've had a chance to infuse overnight. If you can't face eating the same packed lunch every day for a week, freeze into individual portions to be used in emergencies to stop you reaching for supermarket ready meals.

I think some people throw away extra food because they just don't want to eat the same thing two days in a row. If you don't fancy the idea of the same dinner two days running, think about how you can turn it on its head. Leftover roast chicken becomes fajitas, pie filling or stir fry fodder or you could try noodles or rice wrapped up in lettuce leaves with lots of lovely herbs and chilli sauce.

My go-to leftovers recipes: 
A frittata, of course, which tastes perfect hot or cold
Bon Appetit's chicken khao soi to take to work as a noodle pot the next day
My easy meatballs or Deliciously Ella's lentil bolognese to fill the freezer
Pulled pork, to be made into wraps, salads, sandwiches and more
The easiest pilau rice (definitely put an egg on it!)
Siobhan's butternut squash soup - super fresh with lots of lime
Jamie Oliver's veggie chilli with plenty of coriander and an avocado


  1. love these ideas - I hate throwing away food so I try and use leftovers as much as I can. Egg fried rice is good for leftover rice and I like to turn bolognase into a keema curry by adding spices. x

  2. Great tips! Especially the put an egg on it one ;)
    I always either put everything in the pan or roast it in the oven and then serve it with hummus or salsa. Easy!