Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last Tuesday I went to a flower workshop with The Flower Appreciation Society and it was THE BEST EVENING EVER. The sun was shining at Ellie and Anna's Hackney studio which is the cutest workshop filled to the brim with pickle jars, swan vases, crazy props from their studio-mate and flowers, of course. The tables were filled with huge jars of flowers, ready to be arranged into the haphazard style of my favourite floral duo and after a quick introduction and a whistle stop tour of the basics, we got stuck in.

Ellie and Anna make it look SO easy but it definitely takes a lot of practice! Within the first few minutes I had cramp in my hand and had to start again a few times, but it was so much fun and the other girls in the group of 24 were all lovely and chatty. I made a beeline for my jar after spotting that incredible peach rose in the pictures above. The workshop was themed around British Flowers Week so all the flowers came from UK growers and smelled incredible. I've never smelt anything like it! My bouquet is still going strong and I'm so smitten with it I've been bringing it around the house with me so I can look at it when I'm eating breakfast, watching telly or drifting off to sleep.

The workshop perfectly coincided with the launch of The Flower Appreciation Society: An A to Z of All Things Floral. From how to tie a bridal bouquet and favourite filler flowers to quick interviews with Ellie and Anna's regular market stallholders, I would really recommend it if you have any interest in flowers or cool illustrations (everything is illustrated by Anna!).

Workshops pop up on their site from time to time and you can book them for a hen do flower crown workshop too. The cost of my workshop was £35, which covered all materials, a jar to take them home with and a glass of wine too! You'd pay the same for a bouquet from a florist and I think this is prettier than anything I've ever seen before.


  1. Ooooooh firstly these photos! Amazing. I love love love them. Secondly, I want to go to one of their workshops! I just looked at the next one and it's flower crown making, but I can't go and I am completely heartbroken.

  2. Wow! What an interesting course to take, I'd love to do something like that and your bouquet is stunning! x

  3. Beautiful bouquet and that peach rose is just so pretty, especially when teamed with the peony.

  4. this is gorgeous! I'd love to take a flower arranging class one day :)