Monday, 13 July 2015

I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to cards. Greetings cards, post cards, thank you cards, cards for no particular occasion but they have an animal on the front so I have to buy them. Yeah, I can't help myself. I stockpile cards, scraps of ribbons, gift tags and cute notepads, but the upside is I have a card for every occasion tucked away inside my collection, making last-minute scrambles few and far between*.

Clockwise from the sausage dog: Dachshund card by Rifle Paper Co; vintage-style Valentine by Hello! Lucky; A little thanks notecards by Paperchase;  You're Simply Lovely by Postco; Yay! card by Prickle Press via Calder & ByrneFox by Bengt & Lotta and blank ombre note cards via Paperchase; Random notes of appreciation by Bread & Jam.

I browse cards whenever I find a little shop, but Paperchase is also great as it stocks plenty of independent suppliers. I often buy two of the same because I've been known to get quite attached to certain cards - the most special ones usually get framed.

*here I have to apologise to my friend Jo, because apparently the only occasion my collection doesn't quite reach to is birthdays and she got a last-minute birthday card that I printed and doodled for her at work. Perfect excuse to buy some birthday cards :)

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