Friday, 10 July 2015

Hooray for the weekend! This recipe is perfect for hot summer days; it's non-alcoholic and perfect for barbecues and picnics, but if you did feel inclined to get a little boozy, a shot of gin would go down nicely too.

I called it a cooler, which I'm not sure is correct, but I think it sounds good. Plus it has plenty of ice and is super refreshing, so I'm gonna go with that!

Elderflower is a popular summer drink in the UK. Usually we drink it as a cordial - Belvoir is my favourite - which is a sweet, concentrated syrup that you mix with water. How much you dilute it depends on how sweet it will be, but Belvoir recommends 1 part cordial to 10 parts water.

For this recipe, finely slice a cucumber with a vegetable peeler and place in a jug with the cordial. Top with soda water and serve over plenty of ice.

I had some frozen berries hanging around in the freezer so I thought I would add them - it's been so hot that ice has been melting SO quickly - and I not only do they look super pretty but they don't dilute the cordial when the melt like ice does.

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