Monday, 27 July 2015
Grilled salad might sound really odd, but hear me out on this one because it's amazing! I love making a healthy version of Caesar salad with a dressing made from yoghurt, lemon juice and parmesan, but grilling the lettuce first really takes things up a notch.

For this salad you want quite a robust lettuce, like little gem or romaine - no iceberg here! - which will hold its shape on the griddle. I like using little gem because it gets a lovely sweet and charred flavour.

To make this recipe, you really do need a griddle pan to get those lovely darkened lines, but you can get a similar flavour if you put the lettuce under the grill for a few minutes either side. Likewise, you can stick them on the barbecue, which makes for a really quick and easy supper! Just brush both sides lightly with olive oil and you're good to go - on a hot griddle pan, each lettuce wedge should only need a few minutes on either side.

For the dressing (per person)
2tbsp Greek (or natural) yoghurt
1tbsp (plus an extra tbsp for sprinkling) parmesan cheese
Squeeze of lemon juice
Plenty of salt and pepper (always Maldon!)

I like serving the wedges whole - it makes a nice impact on the plate and it makes it obvious to the people who are eating it that the lettuce is grilled, rather than just a bit hot!

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  1. I have never tried grilling salad but why not it sounds nice and looks delicious ! I will give it a go !

    xx, Charlie