Monday, 31 August 2015

I make no secret of my love for breakfast - it's splashed across my About page, Twitter and Instagram, after all! - but the funny thing is that I will eat anything for breakfast. I have no qualms about starting the day with noodles, curry or my all-time favourite, pizza. Yes, I like toast and croissants and porridge and scrambled eggs, but there's something about that special first meal of the day that holds no limits. Perhaps it's because you wake up fresh, a clean slate from the day before; unlike dinner, where you might not fancy a big burger because you ate a hot dog for lunch, breakfast is the first meal for a good 12 hours or so and I am always hungry when I wake up. Thinking about food first thing in the morning, whether it's a salad or a fried egg sandwich, will set me off straight away.

In honour of the best meal of the day, here are some of my favourite breakfast recipes: 
Breakfast burritos (actually, they're tacos, aren't they) with homemade tortillas
Restaurant-style scrambled eggs (super indulgent!)
Dishoom-inspired Bombay omelette
Leftover pilau rice
Pesto frittata
Cheat's banh mi (pictured above). No recipe, just a fried egg, sriracha, mayonnaise, lettuce, shredded carrot and a generous helping of coriander, salt and pepper.

Link or comment your go-to breakfast for everyday or for special occasions, one can never have too many back-up ideas!


  1. I am very much a eat-whatever type for breakfast (in fact, as I'm typing this last night's leftover saffron risotto is currently being fried into some arancini type balls to start today off). I really want to try some Eastern inspired type breakfasts soon as well - this congee ( has been calling out my name for too long!

    1. Ah yes I love congee! Although I have to say, not for breakfast! My mum makes it whenever we are feeling under the weather so it's definitely one of my top comfort foods.

  2. I'm the same in that I can eat pretty much anything for breakfast! My mum makes the best Kedgeree for special occasion brekkies, which is a little odd but so goooood!

    1. Kedgeree is a personal favourite, I'll have to dig out the recipe :)

  3. I can't eat in the morning which makes me so sad, but the thought of food makes me feel ill. How sad is that?x

  4. I'm never really hungry in the morning, however as I like to exercise I do need to eat or else I will just collapse midway through my workout. Generally I eat a smoothie and a few almonds or hazelnuts, it keeps me full and provides enough nutrients for me to feel energised at least until lunchtime !

    xx, Charlie