READING LIST: 2 more food memoirs for the hungry reader

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Food memoirs are still my favourite genre of book; here's two more to add to my food memoirs reading list. If there's anything I love more than a food memoir, it's a travelling food memoir. Both of these books are about a transformative journey of sorts and are amusing, fascinating and, of course, mouth-watering.

Around The World in 80 Dinners  - this book is about a retired couple's journey around the world, from China and South East Asia through to Australia and Brazil. I love reading about places I've been to before and seeing the world through other peoples' eyes, tasting what they ate through their words. Cheryl and Bill Jamison are charming and adventurous and they include a little address book for each of their destinations, which I'm sure I'll be referring to in the future!

Eat, Pray, Eat - Michael Booth is a professional journalist who is totally irreverent and thoroughly British in his sense of humour, which makes this book completely hilarious. Booth is on a journey, both physically and spiritually (even if he doesn't know it yet), and as he travels through India with his family, I loved reading about someone's transformative experience in a way that is still down-to-earth and (painfully) self-aware.

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  1. Thanks for these suggestions! Ahhh my reading list is growing! X

  2. Have you read Ruth Reichl's book, about her adventures as a food critic in disguise (Garlic and Sapphires)?

    (I think that's the book I read, I read it years and years and years ago and in German, hence the title doesn't ring any bells, but it sounds a lot like it and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd just throw it out there, because I thought you might like it too :) )

    1. P.S. there's an interview with Ruth Reichl up on A Cup of Jo in case you haven't seen, which is how I (think I) remembered the book :)