AIRBNB: at home, away

Monday, 7 September 2015
I've really got into Airbnb lately. I've been a curious bystander for a few years, but this year I've used it on every holiday I've been on - a beautiful apartment right on the piazza in Lucca, a cute studio close to the beach in Barcelona and a bright-looking place in the heart of Tokyo. The other weekend while I was aimlessly browsing, I realised I was using my Airbnb like Pinterest; I don't just use it for choosing where to stay the next time I go away, I scour it for decorating tips, dream home inspiration and to get away from the everyday for a little bit. Have a look at my Wish Lists and see what I mean - as well as the places we've been and the apartments we've used, there are dreamy lofts, incredible views and once-in-a-lifettime stays.

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  1. I really like AirBnB - the last 2 years I've only ever stayed in AirBnBs when travelling (apart from Mauritius). Just booked another for Paris in October - have never been underwhelmed by one and the owners always seem super lovely.

    Rosie xx