Monday, 16 November 2015

I refused to get into the whole 'courgetti' craze. IT'S NOT PASTA! But it turns out that if you actually use a spiralizer - I had been making strands using a julienne peeler - then it's still not pasta...but it's not disappointing either. My main bug bear with courgette noodles was that I just didn't want to invest in a spiralizer; they are clunky and expensive and for such a big gadget, they only do one thing. I recently discovered the OXO Good Grips Hand Held Spiralizer on Instagram and I ordered one straight away and I'm an instant convert!

This thing is small enough to pop away in the cutlery drawer, super-easy to use and you get the same exact results as with one of the larger versions. So really, this post isn't a recipe at all, but a big, lovey-dovey shoutout to my new favourite kitchen gadget. Courgettes are perfect as they hold their own in soups and sauces, but here I've simply served my courgetti with a squeeze of lime, plenty of fresh chilli and a thick slab of fried halloumi.

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  1. Mmm this looks delicious! I am a courgetti convert too (I got a handheld spiraliser for Christmas that I popped in my luggage to Australia haha). I like adding it to tomato sauce 2 minutes before serving so that it still has a bit of bite too it, like spagetti. I also feel that because it's 'healthier' I can add more cheese! Win win. I'll give this halloumi recipe a go - it looks delicious. x